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Here's what our Recipients have to say about Color A Smile. Please share these messages with everyone that participated in the program.

“… I just love all the pictures you send me every month. Since I live alone, a colored picture from someone always makes me smile. Please tell Robert and Paige that I am very grateful for their masterpieces.”

“… We would like to thank you for sending us the beautiful drawings for our residents to enjoy. Your caring and thoughtfulness helps us to continue to enrich and uplift the spirits of our residents. We are most grateful for your friendship and support.”

“… I would love to formally thank you for the drawings you all took the time out of your lives to send to us! They were able to increase the morale of the Marines by opening their eyes to the appreciation, love, and support we have back home!”

“… Thank you so much for sending such wonderful pictures our way. They were so colorful and joyful – just what our clients need to brighten their day. We serve over 800 hot meals every day to vulnerable senior citizens and they love to receive the colorings and to know someone cares. Thanks again for thinking of us. Keep them coming!”

“…Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness in providing our residents with pictures to help brighten their day. Little acts of kindness such as this make all the difference.”

“… I would like to thank Color A Smile for your many cheerful pictures. They look great hanging on our bulletin boards and brightening our hallways. They certainly do bring smiles to our Veterans faces. It’s nice for residents to know that people are thinking of them and that they care.”

“… On behalf of our Meals and Wheels clients, we would like to extend our appreciation to you for your donation of crayon drawings. It is through the efforts of community partners like you that allow us to continue the quality care and services that we seek to provide.”

Share Your Story

Please share your experience of receiving our cheerful drawings. Let us know how Color A Smile made you smile. We may share your story with others.