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Here's what our Recipients have to say about Color A Smile. Please share these messages with everyone that participated in the program.

“... Thank you so much for the children’s artwork.  The drawings are so much fun and enjoyed by everyone that comes into our home.  Please thank the children for all their hard work and let them know how much joy their pictures bring.”

 “... I am a resident of an assisted living facility in Wisconsin.  I love the pictures you send, and what a treat to see them on a rainy afternoon.     I thank you for thinking of us.”

“…Thank you for the thoughtful pictures we received in Afghanistan.  It is absolutely wonderful that citizens, especially children like you, continue to remember and support American service members around the world.  Your pictures now decorate our office and brighten our day.”

 “... On behalf of our Meals on Wheels clients, we all want to thank you for sending us your lovely pictures.  You are all so thoughtful.  I can’t tell you how much we enjoy these pictures!  Keep up the good work.”

“… Thank you for your beautiful artwork.  Your drawings always seem to brighten my spirits, and I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.”

“…I am housebound, and I look forward to your Smile Pictures every month.  They always brighten my day.  I wish I could thank the wonderful kids personally, and please pass along my appreciation.”

Share Your Story

Please share your experience of receiving our cheerful drawings. Let us know how Color A Smile made you smile. We may share your story with others.