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Send Someone A One Year Subscription of Smiles

* Senior citizens  *  Nursing homes  *  Our troops overseas *

* Anyone in need of a smile can receive our drawings *

Every month Color A Smile mails out thousands of cheerful drawings. The majority of our drawings go to senior citizens. We also send to our troops overseas and anyone in need of a smile. Our goal is to put smiles on people’s faces and remind them that someone is thinking of them.

A subscription is for 1 year and includes 12 monthly mailings. We will notify you via email when the subscription is about to expire. You can renew a yearly subscription as many times as you would like. 

Color A Smile does not charge anyone to receive our drawings. Suggested donation amounts are only “Suggested.” Feel free to donate more, less, or nothing at all. Please remember that all donations are greatly appreciated and used to help us spread more smiles.

NOTE: If you are in the military yourself, please do not send us a donation. Your service is already your donation, and it is our pleasure to send our drawings to you.

You choose whether the recipient should receive 2 drawings every month, or 10 drawings every month.

2 drawings per month: 

  • Mailed to individuals
  • Usually hung on a refrigerator door or bulletin board for the individual to enjoy
  • The suggested donation is $20.00 per year

10 drawings per month: 

  • Mailed to Activities Directors at Nursing Homes or to Our Troops Overseas
  • Usually displayed in Common Areas for everyone to enjoy
  • the Suggested donation is $35.00 per year

There are 3 ways to order a subscription for a recipient:

1.  DONATE BY CREDIT CARD:   Click here for ONLINE subscription form.     Submit online.

2.  DONATE BY CHECK:               Click here to PRINT the subscription form.   Send via US Mail.

3.  NO DONATION:                      Click here to PRINT the subscription form.    Send via US Mail.