Color A Smile is a nonprofit organization that collects cheerful drawings from volunteers of all ages.  Every month we distribute thousands of these colorful drawings to Senior Citizens, Our Troops Overseas, and anyone in need of a smile.

VOLUNTEER  to color drawings and spread smiles.

School children  -  Scouting troops  -  Religious groups  -  Individuals

Anyone of any age, that likes to color, can volunteer to help us spread smiles.

SIGN UP to RECEIVE our drawings every month.

Seniors living independently  -  Nursing homes  -  Military troops overseas

Anyone in need of a smile can receive our drawings.

DONATE to help us spread more smiles.

(Color A Smile does not charge anyone to receive our drawings.)

All donations, of any size, are truly appreciated and used wisely.


  Color A Smile provides volunteer opportunities,

       For people of all ages and abilities,

            To experience the rewards of helping others.



“Today my scout troop completed 12 drawings for Color A Smile. Thank you for an organization that teaches kids how to help others. Keep up the good work.”

“On behalf of our Meals On Wheels clients, I want to thank you again for all the lovely colorings. Our homebound seniors welcome the drawings and the kindness that accompanies the artwork.”

“Enclosed are some colorings that my team and I did while celebrating National Volunteer Week in our office. We had a fantastic time and hope that the drawings will put smiles on people’s faces.”

“I live in an assisted living facility in PA. I want to thank you for always sending us the cheerful drawings. I always smile when I go past the hallway where the drawings are hung. Thank you for remembering us.”

“I am happy to send you the enclosed ‘Smiles’ by my daughter. She was excited to know that her drawings would go to make someone smile. When we were mailing you the drawings, my daughter said, “ I love Color A Smile.”

“Thank you for your pictures, everyone in my unit really likes them. It means a lot to us here in Afghanistan. The drawing I am looking at now reminds me of my home back in Texas. Thank you all for your support.”

“I teach an Inclusion Class of 7th graders. ALL of my students love to color for Color A Smile. This is truly a program for EVERYONE to learn about volunteering.”