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Flex Hours, Eagle Scout, Gold Award, National Honor Society.

Simple, worthwhile project.  Done on your time and at your location.

To get credit for your volunteer hours, see TRACK YOUR HOURS below.

 SIMPLE Instructions (not tracking hours)

1. Print       2. Color       3. Sign       4. Mail

     1. Print a page from the choices below.

            (or use plain paper and create your own cheerful drawing)

     2. Color the page using crayons or markers. (please NO GLITTER)

     3. Sign the drawing with your FIRST name and AGE. (please NO DATES on any drawings)

     4. Mail the cheerful drawings to:

          Color A Smile     PO Box 1516     Morristown NJ     07962-1516

To TRACK YOUR HOURS, follow these ADDITIONAL instructions:

1. Color a few sample drawings and take them to your supervisor overseeing your volunteer program.

2. Explain how long it took you to color the sample drawings,

                 how many more pages you plan to color,

                 how many hours it will take you to finish your project.

3. Ask your supervisor to approve your plan and approve your hours.

4. Complete all your cheerful colorful drawings. (All hollow letters must be colored-in.)

5. Take all completed drawings back to your supervisor and get verification of your hours.

6. Mail all drawings to Color A Smile.

Please enclose a donation to help our program grow.

Donations are optional, but they are always needed and greatly appreciated!


We offer 100's of coloring pages in the following 4 styles.

Click on a thumbnail to see more pages of that style.

Additional coloring info...

  • Simply color and mail to us
  • No sign-up forms
  • No ongoing commitment
  • DO NOT put a date on any drawing (drawings may not be mailed immediately)
  • DO NOT use glitter on any drawing (keep all drawings clean)
  • DO NOT send “Get Well” messages (The people receiving our drawings are not necessarily ill...just in need of a smile.)
  • Seasonal themes can be mailed to us at any time, there are NO “Deadlines” to mail us your drawings

After you have sent us your drawings, you should click on the Thank You Letters button. There you will find samples of the thousands of thank you letters that we receive.  Please share these messages with everyone that participated in the project.