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Validating Your Volunteer Hours

Color A Smile can provide a letter of validation for all the hours that you spend coloring our cheerful drawings.  You must be sure each drawing is neat, colorful, and complete.  All hollow letters must be colored in. 

We will validate 10  minutes of volunteer work for each complete drawing that you send us.
1 drawing = 10 minutes    6 drawings = 60 minutes    12 drawings = 120 minutes,  etc.

Instructions for Validating Your Volunteer Hours

1. Fill out and submit the Online Validation Form below.          
     Color A Smile will then send you an email containing mailing instructions and a printable validation form.
2. Open the email and print the validation form.
3. Mail us your drawings along with the printed validation form.         
     Within 2 weeks of receiving your drawings, Color A Smile will match the drawings received to the information you submitted online.  We will then send you a Validation Letter, via email,  confirming your volunteer hours.

Please enclose a donation with your drawings…

   It requires time and resources to generate the Validation Letters.

      Thank you very much for helping us to spread more smiles!


   Put all drawings in one envelope.

   OK to fold drawings. (Fold all together, not individually)

   If you participate again, you will need to fill out a new online validation form.

   Please send drawings the cheapest way possible, do not waste money on Priority or Express Mail.

Color A Smile cannot fill out special forms for individual organizations.  Our Validation Letter should be enough to satisfy your volunteer requirements.  If asked for a supervisors name, we suggest that you write: 'ONLINE PROJECT.'  We cannot return any forms that you send with your drawings.

We hope that you enjoy the time you spend volunteering for Color A Smile.  We know your efforts will help us bring smiles to many faces.  We hope it makes you smile also!